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Been out of town on business for a few days, but was eager to get back and comment on this one. As much as I’d love to play A10 teams regularly in hoops, I wouldn’t want to see us leave the PL. Right or wrong, I really like what I believe the PL to represent; highly regarded academic schools that do things the “right way”, but strive to field competitive teams too.
I like seeing PL teams go to the NCAA tourney in any sport, or the FCS playoffs, and surprise people.
My dream: to see PL teams get at-large bids in my lifetime. Of course, the NCAA hoops tourney is the Holy Grail for me – but the same would apply to the FCS playoffs, NCAA baseball, volleyball, soccer, lax – whatever.
I’m totally with TMH re: the recent expansion. I like the additions of Loyola and BU, despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the ‘pard board. I truly don’t get their position over there. I think they’re both very good academic schools, and only lend more credibility to the athletics. People know those names. Say “BU” anywhere, in my experience, and people know what you’re referring to.
I’d like to see a couple of all-sport additions. Ideals for me would be William and Mary, and JMU. If the academies joined for all sports, I’d be thrilled. But I don’t think that’s likely unless/until FCA forces their hands to abandon FBS football.