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[quote=21089]Hopes for a video board may be a bit premature.

“However, the lease will be year-to-year, as the Union will explore options for a soccer-specific stadium.”

I hope not. With the Union affiliate , that basically triples the number of times the stadium will be used in a year. A video board would enable significantly more revenue generation through sponsored ads to a captive audience. Even if just for 3 years (which I think would be conservative for the Union to find a site, purchase, and build a new stadium), I would think that the numbers for a board and other improvements would look pretty good.

I also would anticipate that the soccer team would want to sell booze, not sure how that would work.

Anyway, no matter how it works out – the Union are paying Lehigh to play there, so there should be some additional funding for the department however they choose to spend it.