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This is just my personal observation and I believe I mentioned it before but I would definitely use the run to set up the pass. All the elements are there based on just one day of observation. Our RBs are both very talented and deep and they all have a unique running style. Our QB seems to have a run first mindset and he too is very good at it. Most of all however is this particular OL appears to be best at straight forward run blocking. They average about 300#. They are big and strong but from my observations not particularly fast. Perhaps they may be a testament to our DL though. Lastly though, I’m not that sold on our receiving corps yet but that too is based on 1 practice. There must have been at least 10-12 drops and it was across the board. Perhaps I have been spoiled by Snyder, Klingerman, Spadola, Kurfis and a host of others who seemed to catch everything near them.
If we can run the ball effectively, it will force opponents to defend the run and open up seams across the middle.