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This year:

First, all agree that last year the D was quite a bit worse than the offense. However, the offense lacked the variety, passing game, and dynamics of previous Lehigh teams that lit up the field. As mentioned many times, the TEs and FBs were rarely used, for example, and play calling was dumbed down.
I am hopeful that we will get to, at least, 50/50 with this young group and that assumes a better passing game that stretches out the defense and better athletes at the RB position where there are at least two new stars among the freshman. The receiver corp looks very good – especially with TP – and can get separation. However, separation also results from creative play calling that draws on the “air Lehigh” strategy that left the defense on its heals and confused and an approach that draws on the full play
The D is the bigger variety unknown. The LB’s are fairly quick but are on the smaller side so the D line needs to be quite a bit tougher and must be able to slow things down up front. Clearly, the DB’s need to be much more effective vs being picked apart and missing so many tackles.