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I was impressed with freshman backs — liked a few of Bragalone’s runs where he carried players. Shaf’s arm looked better; fewer drops than what I remember from last year … some good WRs.

That said, the offensive play calling — as some of you noted — is relatively vanilla. Too many Shaf runs; again he was leading rusher. If we get this during PL play, we’re toast (heck, HE may be toast running 17 times a game) — and we should start looking for a new OC.

This game should have been a blowout — I think the talent is there; too many missed chances on O.

I liked D against rush. It will be interesting to see them play a decent FCS team.

D was questionable vs. pass; hard to tell given inexperienced CCSC QB.

Loved Mish as PK. What a breath of fresh air.

Hopefully no injuries next week. Take the experience and move on.