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This debacle was much too reminiscent of the Yankee Stadium flop. The current staff has now PROVEN it does not understand how to manage players or develop a game plan to surprise an opposing team with an unexpected attack. A surge the other defense didn’t expect, and can’t fully adjust for.

Really, what has changed from year to year?

I’ll go so far as to say, most of you regular observers and posters have been MUCH too patient with the adults in charge at Lehigh football. Yeah, I get that it’s really all about getting a good education at a top institution. Blah, blah, blah. I understood the eternal non-scholarship excuse, the heavy academic load and exams not faced by players on other teams, etc.

Bottom line, the football program at Lehigh has lost a special quality it once had to overcome most of that. Where has all the ‘octane’ gone?

Face it, posters. RADICAL changes are necessary to bring back the ‘zip.’ Too bad the process wasn’t started at the end of last season. These are smart players who want to win. They can handle something more from the adults in charge.