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Pelletier did not look close to 100% and probably should not have been in the game at all

in the anit-gloom category, I did see a few positives; Mish is doing a good job place kicking, something we have not always had
although the OL did not open many holes, I really think Brags is gonna turn out great, his pass blocking was good, something a frosh usually has trouble with
DL is really very much improved and will be giving fits to the rest of our schedule, Cavenas looked really good, hope his ding is not serious
Frosh kick returners seem very competent, will not be surprised to see them return one all the way before season is over
Knott becoming the weapon we expected, hope he stays healthy all year

face it guys, we’re not getting a new OC in mid-year, lets get off that wagon and move forward