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Doc Qb

I’m not sold on the ‘superior’ talent just yet. Two of the junior lineman, tenant and duffy, were ballyhooed as best OL prospects we ever had. I am not seeing it from them yet, and its TIME if they were as good as advertised. And despite skill guys with ‘better’ credentials coming in, I dont see a Spadola or Drawl in the bunch. Those guys were specimens AND had big time talent. The guys we have now are undersized, even TP doesnt exactly standout. To be fair, he must be dinged. But Knott, Soccaras, Casey, Kelsey, are not big strong kids. We may have gotten two steals at RB with Micco and Dom, but they are green. It will still take time to develop kids, schollies or not, there is some maturing and finishing that only time allows. Either way, I just dont see the studs. Hell, the announcer on the JMU broadcast said Dom looked like Rudy. That hurt.

And look at the D. Caslow is all over the field, but he’s the only one. And look closely…he’s SS sized. he looks like all of JMU’s DBs. And we sit two big ass fullbacks each freaking week that should be LBs (Pennridge kid and Freedom kid). The hogs up front are not as beefy (porky?) except for Cavenas.

Pick a favorite guy at any position from our better years…I dont see multiple Groome’s, Spadolas, Lums, Bergens, etc. We would typically get lucky with one stud like that at a position and with scholarships I think we should have a few at each position. I am not seeing it.

The OC is deserving of a while other thread entirely.