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Defense? Cbs and safeties look bad= coaching and film study
Lbs making all the plays,usually 5 yards deep,WHY?
DL got pushed 5 yards off the ball all day,were
outmanned and put little pressure on QB. 5 solo tackles
and 2 total tackles for loss is not getting it done. both sacks by LBs after the fact.”not worried about the DL” is crazy. BTW, pressure on the QB by the front 3 plus blitz’s will help the secondary. The non scholly team of 2010 & 2011 would have competed or won Saturday. Coaching? Players? Also,Until Shaf stops eyeing his receiver at the snap/doesn’t look off primary WR/and stops getting happy feet, which=good numbers at Qb with lack luster offensive performance,we will never be a playoff team with many of the pieces in place today.
-yes I was at the game unlike many voices.