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A win is good. I was somewhat concerned at half with our run game that was called as opposed to the run game that occurs when NS puts it down. Hard to tell sometime what is designed and what is improvisation. OL seemed to do a better job.
D very concerned–especially with more injuries. We still have problems with contain on the corners. I agree some of the tackling still needs improvement. Contact but no wrapping up at times. CBs getting torched may also be some communication issues with safeties. While some call for subs, be careful what you wish for. One would think if a backup was better he’d be on the field.
Nice to see Devine back in the groove. Great day punting, and Mish tremedous on KOs. Hopefully Bragalone is back next week. I hope DJ is not bad. We need depth on the DL to keep rotating. All in all a very good day. Most people picked us to win by 7-10. We should have had another 14 points. Too many penalties. I was hoping for a ‘solid’ win and we got it. I am sure most of our guys watched Princeton take LC apart, so next week looks like a step up.