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Several things I noticed at the game last night.
1.)Princeton has about 130 players on their roster (an estimate based on how many #s were duplicated).
2.)My beef last year was that our players are out of position.
I had always been under the impression that a team is built from the inside out. One puts their beef on the inside to stuff the run and the speed and quickness to the outside. Last year we had 245# Laub playing OL and Schuerman feasted on it and 210# Caslow playing inside LB.
As I mentioned earlier 295# Cavenas was playing DE and 265# Palma was playing inside. I focused on this for several drives when the ball was on my end of the field. Palma was being driven backwards consistently and plays that should have been stopped went for 10 yds. Meanwhile their RBs were constantly getting to the edge. Our LBs are listed as 215#, 215# and 225# on the outside. Caslow is ia beast but in a SS body. He absolutely has a nose for the football, is about the same size as Githens and runs the 40 in the same time as Tyler Ward. He makes our defensive backfield bigger and allows for a bigger LB to man the middle. Just my opinion.
3.)Princeton had far less student participation than Lehigh does at their games (actually Lehigh crowd may have been bigger than Princetons’) and the stadium is right on campus….plus they had fireworks after the game…go figure.