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First class. about 50-50 hits and misses
Second. More hits than misses
Third. Certainly the best,potentially.
Difference between Fball and Bball is numbers. Latter brings in 2-3 recruits each yr. Fball 10 times that.
Probably best measure of recruiting is the level of the offers rdcd by our recruits. A measure of potential not ultimate success. If you compare the 3 classes,the level of other offers has gone up each year. Are we winning more vs IL,FBS ,CAA. Quite a bit more and more recruits with low FBS offers,MAC.
That said some of our best players dont have any major offers.
Confusing :) But overall the players are better. But the best ar still frosh and sophs.
Looking at PL,all but FU and GU are having similar growing pains. Dunlap prsdicted this scenario before we went schollie.