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Oh, my … another 529 yards given up on defense against a team that made a number of key mistakes. These kind of numbers, almost weekly, are unfathomable.

Awful, again.

Frankly, the OOC drubbings vs. Ivies are an embarrassment to our institution. And if we don’t get much better soon, we’ll get blown out by Fordham. Sure, we might — MIGHT or MIGHT NOT — have competitive games against the dregs of the PL. Has the PL fallen that much below the Ivies?

There’s almost no excitement on campus about this team or at the games — and why should there be?

Sadly, it’s getting worse, not better.

Even with a new HC, we’re looking at years of rebuilding. Does anyone have that kind of patience? What effect will that have on the program?

I see no good solutions, given the fact kids are getting recruited now.

Should Andy announce the DC and OC will not be back? Would that and a win vs. Lafayette — or all PL teams besides Fordham — save his job? Should it?