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I dont know what to say. I was disgusted at what I saw. Tried to let it simmer before I posted. Fooking pathetic. The O was the O. The same 5 plays, im not shocked a smart school like Yale figured it out. The OC a joke, TMH can give u all the stats he wants. The O pathetic. When they put Mayes in he drove right down the field with quick readsband getting rid of ball…immediately! I like Shaf but daaaammm. Mayes a TRUE QB. #84 dropped 2 possible TD passes. Shsf didnt see TP for a third, wanted to run. Glad they made the change from #84 to #80. #84 wasnt producing, so the put in Kelsey who didn’t drop a pass. Long 6 weeks ahead of us. Dont see a win besides GU, and thats not a gimme, sad state for LU football. They make Os look like world beaters. The backup rb for Yale had 200yds, ia that correct? Pathetic!