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NJ FAN and Lehigh GUY According to you Mayes was moving the team downfield .Does 2out of3 passing gaining a total of 19 yards moving the team downfield ??? Most of that yardage came a great reception by TP who went and caught the ball with one hand and almost got killed by a DB who hit him in the back because he was exposed trying to make a great catch .Have you guys ever see MAYES try to run from pressure by D lineman .I drove down to JMU and saw MAYES get sacked I believe twice within a min. or so ,and he has little or no quickness or foot speed to avoid a sack .I to was wondering WHY Shaf was put back in after being sacked 4 times . Is the HC trying to get him hurt to maybe play Mayes ,and then what will you say if he is not as good as you think .If he is such a great QB WHY is he not playing for FL,or FL.ST or Duke or Standford ,all schools of higher education . How many offers did he get from the better schools ???? Everyone wants to see a winning team ,but it takes 11 guys on O and 11 guys on D to have a successful season ,but than again it does help when you have coach’s who KNOW how to coach and teach the players how to play there position .