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[quote=22403]Boss I am neither ,but a FOOTBALL fan and LEHIGH fan .MAYBE you are MAYES father or Grandfather ??? Only putting my 2 cents in just like everyone else . I don’t see you going off on other people who comment and put the blame on the Lehigh QB .I NEVER BASHED MAYES until some comments were made that he WAS A REAL QB .I suppose the guys would made these comments must have seen him play or are they his RELATIVES ,ARE YOU one of his relatives ??? I guess it’s okay when other guys bitch about SHAF ,he runs to much ,he doesn’t stay in the pocket ,he misses open receivers and on and on .ARE these guys being PATHETIC ,I guess not ,not in your mind .How did I bash MAYES ??? By telling someone to look up his STATS when he played .If that PIST YOU OFF ,than MAYBE you are his FATHER or GRANDFATHER or his RELATIVE .WHICH one is it ???? What I don’t like is HOW people want to replace the QB who is one of the top QB’s in the PL that is my gripe and it will be until Shaf shows he should not be the starting QB .


I am one of Mayes’ former coaches in Tampa. I don’t care about the anonymity of this forum. So yes I am biased to the freshman QB, which is why I did take offense to you calling him out or bashing him or however you want to describe it.

You have me a little confused though. I was not saying that you were complaining about the QB’s. All I was saying was every time someone mentions Mayes you “put your two cents” in. Read back what you just said. You said and I quote, “I never bashed Mayes until some comments were made that he was a real QB”. First of all, why would you have a problem with someone saying that he’s a real QB? I don’t get it, why, please explain. Second, you just admitted that you bashed him.

It just seems that it has been more personal when someone talks positively about Mayes or negatively about Shaf. If you’re not his relative then you must be his biggest fan.

However, I am in agreement with you. Shaf is not the problem. He is a good QB and more important a good leader for the team. He plays with a lot of heart, which seems to be lacking out there. There is a long list of problems with this team and the QB position is way down on that list.

As for Mayes’ stats and the small school he played at with no championship seasons…all true. However, this is the same small school with no championships that Nelson Agholor played for, who was a first round pick of the Eagles. Mayes was a freshman on the team when Agholor was a senior. As we all know, stats, records and championships or the lack of do not make the player. Away from the school and away from his team, Mayes competed at the highest level at every camp, every combine and every QB competition he attended. He was subsequently ranked as a 3-star on Rivals, 247sports and Scout. He was only downgraded to a 2-star by Rivals after he committed to Lehigh. Mayes was for the better part of his high school career ranked in the top 20-25 for pro-style QB’s in the nation. At one point, 247sports had him ranked as the 14th best pro-style QB in the nation and had him rated as a 4-star. He did have a few FBS offers and a lot of FBS attention. However, because of his lack of 4.5 speed, which I believe you pointed out as well, and his lack of 6’3″-6’4″ height, the big schools didn’t offer. To my understanding, he was told by several Big5 schools that if he was 6’3″-6’4″ he would have had 20 FBS offers. The Elite 11, which is the only QB rating competition in the country with any credibility rated him as a top 40 QB in the country out of thousands and thousands of high school QB’s. He was also selected to the Blue-Grey All-American Game, as was freshman WR Bianchini.

That being said, as one of Mayes’ former coaches, I am still able to look at the QB situation objectively, and admit that this is Shaf’s team, he is a good QB and a good leader, and he is getting it done with total offense every week. The QB is not the team’s problem. Mayes will have his shot and I know he will prove to you and others why most feel he is a “real QB”.

I have learned after following this forum for a little while now, that most of you former players or crazed fans have a hard time being positive about anything. No one is ever hesitant on calling a player out or a coach out, etc.

But I guess all of you former college all-americans and hall of fame coaches have earned that right.

I am hoping that this ends our discussion holyloch61. If not, I will be attending one of the games this year and I would love to get together and finish it in person. I mean so many things get lost unless the conversation is face to face. Let me know.