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I’m sorry if you are having trouble understanding this.
If the 2010 team had a terrible defense, they would have lost the majority of their games. Who would you have blamed, the offense? Would you have benched Lum…I hope not. Would you have fired Cecchini…I hope not. You would have missed an amazing 2011. This offense is every bit as good as the 2010 team. Both are averaging 23 ppg. Find the parts that don’t work and begin fixing it. You are wasting far too much time trying to fix things that aren’t broken.
Football requires chemistry. Chemistry requires consistency. I wonder how many people wanted Kevin Higgins fired. After all, he started out 5-5-1, 8-3, 5-6, 4-7. You must have been livid. Then they got a new defensive coordinator….you’ll never guess who and the team went 12-1, 10-2, 12-1.
Pete Lembo was the FCS Coach of the Year but that didn’t stop these boards from lighting up calling for his ouster. Were you one of them too? He then proceeded to turn around very bad bad Elon and Ball State programs before falling on some recent hard times. He was rewarded with a 5 year contract, making him the highest paid coach in the MAC.
All I’m asking for is patience and putting your focus where it belongs.