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I really don’t understand the issue with PL scholarships. All the PL schools are in the same situation. It is just another part of the game that needs to be optimized. But it’s more recruiting than the check writing that is the challenge. We brought in 33 freshman and PL allows 15 scholarships a year. So just by the math more than 50% don’t get them or all only get partial. If a kid gets 2300 on the sat and Lehigh gives them a 50% merit scholarship are they gonna study less when they get here? So why have issue if a top high school football player gets an athletic scholarship and decides to come to LU because he has the brains to handle the academics. I compared the PL recruiting classes of all PL teams as they are published on the PL website. We brought in a very talented class this year and I’m sure the coaches are already looking for the next batch.

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  • This reply was modified 8 years, 8 months ago by  NJLehighFan.