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Thanks for joining in.

I think one of the reasons there’s negativity on this board — the most for a long time, since the last time fans were calling for Coen’s head (and I did not) — is the expectation of annually being 1 or 2 in the PL and being ranked in the FCS.

That IS the same expectation of the coaches and players, or they wouldn’t be here.

Two losing seasons — and who knows what will happen this year — would be tough to stomach. Three straight losses to Lafayette has happened only once in my lifetime and would be unacceptable to alumni — many of whom help fund this university.

Most people on this board bleed brown.

Many went to Lehigh, where we were taught to be accountable for the results of our actions. We expect the same from our coaches.

And some of us are not real keen on athletic scholarships. We remember days — like 2010 — when we competed on the national stage without them.

Some of us would like to see accountability on the part of players we’re paying to not only play for us, but who get a free world-class education.

This board was almost dead when we were winning big …


Few if any are getting a “free world class education.” Most of the scholarships are wacked up with 1/4 and 1/2 rides. Keep in mind, with the scholarships we cannot, per PL regulations, use grant-in-aid money.