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objective observer

some of you want a major overhaul of staff- that is fine

but you know what you are going to get- at the minimum 3 more years of inconsistency-

1st – if Andy goes- and a new coach comes in- the new coach views the players as andy’s player’s especially the quarterback-the new coach wants his players! which takes time and from what I have been reading none of you have time!

you need to give this coaching staff until 2017 it will be four full years of scholarship players!!

I don’t know what teams you have been watching- but I can say the freshman and sophomore class is loaded with talent
I repeat we probably have the two best running backs in the league

And to the person who stated give them a kick in the ass

That worked when Bear Bryant and Woody Hayes- it is never appropriate to be degrading to any player- you need to build confidence- provide them with information- and support- this is a new generation of players- and some of you that report on this site- probably were the same parents that complained about the midget coaches, high school coaches and so on!

I always told parents- if you want to coach- put in an application