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Guess I’m one of those patient guys,:) Been yhru these lynching parties often enuf. Higgins,Lembo both had similar pressure after perceived failurss. Pete’s case illustdative. The same wave of fire the bastard after 8-3 seasons. Disappointed expectations after years of being a”national”team.
Now we have Andy,one losing season and back to back losses to Pards. A bit quick to light the fire. As to staff, not impressed by results the last two yrs with Botts and Folmar. Can I be certain that it’s their failure or the results of yrs of poor recruiting on D,injuris ,youth,staff turnover etc. I’m not. I agree this situation must be fixed and that it is the responsibility of the HC to do so..At the very least,I think we must await the results of the rest of the sched to judge the progress in doing that.