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I have never said anything about dumping Andy. And Todd i just seen the last post from OO, said nothing about best freshman backs in PL, said best backs in league. I guess they would be the best fresh back in league since theyre the only ones forced to play LOL. And doesnt LU have a roster of over 100???? I know PERSONALLY that only HYP offer the deals you guys are talking about, and only the cream of the recruiting chart gets that! If your parents are making good money, youre going to pay, dont care how bad they want you. And Todd, 65,000 you pay ZERO, anything above that you pay, so its not FREE. Rich 10,000 a yr is alot for some people, maybe not to big money people like you :) And thanks to PL scholarships, parents are skipping out on that 10,000(40,000) bill and coming to LU and the PL for FREE! Ivy degree DOES NOT= SUCCESS….i know alot of people with them!

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