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[quote=22501]Lehigh athletics does not put out a ‘product’. None of the PL schools do. Factories like Penn State, Ohio State, and their ilk put out a product and rely on that product to fund the rest of their athletics. Lehigh and PL never make any money (i.e. a profit) on any athletics, nor is it in their model. Too many people around here are too influenced by all the talking heads on ESPN and their “analysis” of the factory schools and then apply the same template to PL schools. Can’t be done. Once the scholarship model is completely in place, the PL may well be able to compete more regularly with the ‘power conferences’ of FCS, and maybe surprise a lot of people some years with a championship challenge (only Lehigh and Colgate have done that in 35 years, and Lehigh’s run was when I-AA playoffs were a smaller field). But that’s part of the strive and reach beyond what everyone sees as your limits. It’s why a victory over a CAA, MVC, or SoCon team is so exhilarating. But when we do it, occasionally, people begin thinking we will do it every single year. It does not work that way. Enjoy the ride, the challenge and the competition. GO LEHIGH!