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From social media, it looks to me like Coach Kroogs is on the job in his new role already. I really have no info to share on recruiting; I’m only seeing the same things you are, jimk – commitments elsewhere. But then again, I have no clue as to how promising any of the guys on our watch list were. The biggest loss, for us, with Kroogs leaving might be social media info sharing! We need some eyes and ears close to the program.
I don’t have any reason to believe that his departure has impacted recruiting, but who knows? I believe that he was very important to the team “feel” once guys were on board, but I’m guessing that ACs probably don’t have a huge impact on prospect decisions.
The one prospect that I’m starved for info on is Henry Welsh. But his recruiting seems a bit TK-like; not much info in the ethersphere. We did catch rumors of a Lehigh visit, but I’ve heard nothing since then. In my book, we still need a shooting guard and 1 more big.
The last 2-guard on VC’s list for us is Dejan Vasiljevic from Australia, and his profile seems to be picking up. Fran Fraschilla recently shouted him out on a short-list of international prospects. Which is probably not great news for us.