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[quote=22539]Pretty fair summary Hawker. Iz’m not much of a form over results guy. Colvin a crude thrower but great results. BB a pure passer,very accurate with not much of an arm. I think you are underestimating Nick. Last year anything over 10 yds was a chuck,longer was a javelin throw. This year he throws a crisp ball up to 20 yds. He arcs his longer throws but at least they aren’t balloons. He doesn’t have great arm strength but good enuf. Hell,so far he doesn’t have the time to throw 50 yd passes :)
A bit unusual to carp about the #8 passer in FCS.


For sure Shaf has the stats and had decent stats last year as well despite the injury. But my beef is less with Shaf and more with Andy. Personally, I think Andy was too quick to use his first scholarship on Nick, but assuming Nick is better than we’ve seen only reinforces my problems with the coaching. Whether it is an OC issue or HC issue, Andy is in charge.

I also can not forgive the Abomination in the Bronx. Losing is one thing; laying the biggest egg against Lafayette in like 20 years on the biggest stage, where the team was unprepared and disinterested is unconscionable.

I’m also tired of hearing Andy talk about “competing”. I remember hearing that same garbage from 2006-2010. Pierce saved Andy’s ass with that interception in the OT game. Cecchini shows up and everything gets better; he leaves and it goes to pot. Causation or correlation?

Maybe he should takeover OC duties and see what happens.

Obviously nothing is going to happen in-season, but I want a fresh look at the results and who is in charge of the team.