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My apologies. I was not aware that the rest of the PL had freshmen RBs better than the ones they are putting on the field but elected not to use them.
I have no idea exactly what you are looking for on film. There are several areas I am looking for in this class.
1.)I want our defense to be size appropriate. At 6-5, 245, Pendergast has the frame to be a dominant DE and Woetzel at 6-1, 205 will make us bigger in the defensive backfield.
2.)For a SS, I want someone with some speed and can tackle. He has 2 long interceptions and ran down a WR from 7 yds back. Without seeing times, I think he has more than sufficient speed.
3.) I want a nose for the ball and the ability to tackle. I have seen nothing in the film that tells me otherwise.
4.) I’m looking for athleticism. Keith has appeared to play every position on the field and well. What I really like are QBs that play in the defensive backfield. They know how QBs think. They know how to read eyes or the positioning of feet to determine their next move.
So tell me what you didn’t like other than there was no mention of other college choices.