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Your apologies accepted. Your hero Brags fell into the perfect storm here at LU with your OTHER here Yosha and my favorite Leigh leaving the program, or he probably doesnt see the field. He was forced into action with LU not having anybody left. Said nothing about Pendergast. LC has a nice freshman RB they moved to WR in Cj Amil. for us. Im sure other PL teams DO have stud freshman RBs that arent playing right now, just havent got their chance. He has. If he ran a wr down from 7yds back with the speed i saw, safe to say that wr was slow azz hell. If you have a player that plays that many positions for your HS team, your HS team probably not that deep! Newsflash, everybody makes every tackle on a highlight tape, saw nothing that impressed me. Your LAST sentence was the most obvious, why do LU coaches think theyre smarter than everyone else, if NOBODY wants him, why do we??? We offer scholly now, we can recruit better. How many times on these football forums to people talk about poor recruiting by LU staff, this IMO is prime example. For the record, i never said anything bad about LU recruiting Brags, just was amazed how you guys talked like he was second coming of reggie bush with the comp he faced. I said he was a good gamble by LU, HE DID HAVE OTHER OFFERS.

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