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Wow. A long diatribe. The same drum tho. LG,none of us know who,if any recruits will definitely play and make a difference. Other offers are about all we have. They ,at least,tell us what other coaches think of the kid. They are not solely determinative of how good or mediocre any one recruit is. For myself, I look to what possible benfits the recruit can bring. You rather look to whatever you find lackng. Since we have him,better to me to hope he develops. I have seen too many commits over the years who surprised by being better or worse than all thought. Your go to frame of reference with this young man seems to assume that he plays many roles because team lacks depth and he caught the WR because the kid was even slower. N.Ramapo is a good program in a good league. More likely he plays different roles becauss he is the best athlete on the team.