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Stabler Bum,
Thank you for “getting it”. This thread was generated to address one specific issue that really is on the table right now. I will attempt to take many of your ideas back to the committee who is charged with developing a design for the new press box and sky box areas.
As for the rest of the posts, many of the suggestions would be nice if we were to start from scratch…but we aren’t. Almost none of them however will generate more student attendance however. This is an entirely new generation with entirely new options at their fingertips. Like many here, they can elect to watch or follow every game on television, on their computer and on their cellphones without leaving campus. They can play beer pong while watching the game and not be harrassed. If the game gets out of hand they switch to netflix or the 17 other games that are being broadcast at the same time. They don’t care about how close the seats are, they sat on the grass in the end zone. A video scoreboard while nice will not bring them to games. They have all the video and stats at their fingertips already. Football games need to be turned into a happening in order to pry them from their dorm rooms and fraternities. Just my thought but that’s for another thread.