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Before I go on. Goodman Stadium was recently chosen as one of 8 FCS football stadiums you need to visit before you die. :-)

As for the press box move, Rich may be right about soccer. I will try to find out more tomorrow. The problem is that Goodman Stadium is a significant structure that only gets used 5-6 times/year. Soccer may be only the first step in providing a remedy for that.

As for attendance. The 12K to 15K #s may be a bit hyperbolic if you remove Lafayette which has sold out again. The problem with drawing locals to the game is not that much different that the student dilemma. I think we televise all our home games on Service Electric. Those savvy enough have the same outlets (PLN) to follow their teams. I’m a season ticket holder for football and wrestling and attend many other sporting events now but even I’ll admit that too many times it’s much easier watching them at home. The local fan base is getting older and dieing. But there are things we can do. We stopped inviting local HS bands to play either pre-game or halftime. We got rid of boy scout day etc. The game needs to become a destination. We tend to cater to alums as far as promotions.
Interesting…I went to the Princeton game. They had a magnificent overhaul of the stadium in the not too distant past with lights. They had fireworks after the game. They are putting a pretty good product on the field. There may have been more Lehigh people there than Princeton. It’s not just us.