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If Asa were creating a master plan today for building a new university and could start with land LU now owns, what would he do?

The Big Hairy Audacious(Ridiculous) Idea of the day … in a perfect world where money was no issue?

Work with a developer to buy/demolish older, contiguous, decrepit south side buildings. Trade for it land in the valley near Goodman, Stabler, etc., and land elsewhere Stabler gave the university?

Over the years, (re)build athletic facilities on the south side.

The university already has a need for more and better quality housing near campus.

You’d need a lot of land (there’s a lot a few blocks from campus), but how about complex of waterfront condos, stadium, arena, downtown area, more university housing, campus, etc.?

The problem now with the campus — as beautiful as it is — is it’s all split up, due to piecemeal planning over the years. The vast majority of university housing is on the southern side (hill side) or east side of campus, while most of the academic buildings are on the north side of campus. There was a time none of the buildings were north of Packer Avenue.

The inability to walk 5 or 10 minutes to a game, I think, has hurt attendance at many sports. Starting that good habit begins with freshmen, who have no cars.

I’m crazy, but …