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Just a few small corrections. I don’t recall playing UNC here at least for a very long time. We beat them down there a few years ago. We did experiment with a game at Goodman against Colgate and as you said, the attendance was only around 800. It would however be nice to either get a high profile game like Duke (we do have a connection) or perhaps to host the NCAA tournament.
The press box thing as it turns out was just in the project stage for a Civil Engineering group. They were hoping to pitch it to the powers that be but from what I saw, it makes no sense and if it happens it will be way down the line. I was a bit surprised to learn however that there were no bathrooms, heating or air conditioning in the President’s box. Any up grades would require an elevator.
As for your last two paragraphs, I am in total agreement. Now that everything is televised, streamed etc, we seriously reduced to impetus to get in a car, drive there while paying $12. I’ve attended games at several other campuses over the last few years and other than the mandatory attendance at the Naval Academy, the same phenomena is happening everywhere, at least at this level of competition.
The tailgating restrictions for students has kept Goodman from being a saturday afternoon destination point.