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Over half of Edmonds’ yardage came on three plays. The defense did a decent job most of the day containing him. But he is such an explosive talent that a mistake results in a gap that leads to a 75 yard TD. Turnovers lost his game, as well as a few dropped passes that would have changed complexion. The track meet we thought might break out did. Without Nick in the third quarter we fell into too big a hole, yet almost dug ourselves out. If Casey holds onto that pass with 5-6 minutes to go, it’s a TD and we’re down by one score and the missed FG is never attempted. The team is showing talent, but we are not executing in the clutch, typically a sign of a young team. Still Mayes gained confidence during the game and I loved how he stepped up INTO the pocket. Nice throwing mechanics. The young runners looked good–almost 150 yards without much running in the second half because of circumstances. Yes D left up 52, but 17 were directly set up by turnovers. I had stated on AGS that if we held FU to 35 we would win and if we had played a clean game, we would be celebrating. Yes it was a discouraging loss, but I am tired of seeing nothing but bitching and griping when we are seeing some excellent potential for the future. This season is reminding me of 1997, though I think we can finish with a winning record. 7-4 is realistic. These kids did not quit. They fell back 38-21 at the end of three quarters and fought back to within 10 points with about 5-6 min. to go, with a back up QB seeing his first meaningful action. Quitters would have gotten blown out by 40 points at that point. I feel for some peoples’ dogs who must get kicked every night by people who are losers by day.