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One more quick follow-up regarding ticket prices – I attended the Villanova/Towson game last night*, and Towson charged $25 for regular reserved tickets. $25. At least the reserved seats were bleachers with backs. It was Towson’s homecoming (though the ticket cost is the same for all games), so some non-regulars attended, and I talked with a couple of them. They couldn’t believe the cost either, and one guy I talked to who had 3 kids told me they also didn’t have discounted children’s tickets.

Excluding small population states that have no Division I-A/FBS or NFL teams, I think $25 for a regular tickets to a Division I-AA/FCS game is too high. Ironically, the Penn State/Maryland game was only played about 10 miles away at the Baltimore Ravens’ M&T Bank Stadium, and played at such a time that fans couldn’t attend both games in their entirety or near-entirety. (Had Penn State/Maryland started at 12 PM, I would have also gone to that game.)

*It was only the second time I’ve gone to a football game at Towson. (I’ve also gone to a couple of basketball games there.) The first was that memorable 40-38 Lehigh playoff victory in 2011.