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This discussion board would be a field day for any psycho-analyst :-). I suppose that may apply to every discussion group though. In the words of Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X. In my one brief meeting with Brad, I came away with the firm impression that he is not only a very gifted athlete but more importantly a very mature, level headed young man who understands where he is and where he is going. Assuming he stays healthy, he is going to do great things at Lehigh but he understands his role here now. We have a tendency to jump to conclusions after each game rather than enjoy the ride. This board anointed a young freshman a couple seasons ago when BB got hurt and Shaf led the team to wins over HC and Colgate. How short our memories can be.
Brad had a great game. It came against Georgetown. They applied almost no pressure. Brad took every advantage of it. The previous week he threw 3 picks in a half. Nick still has a better efficiency rating, pass completion %, almost identical ypc and adds the extra dimension with his legs. He was a Top 10 QB prior to his injury.
What we do know now however is that offensively, we are blessed with talented young depth. If we can fully develop the OL to its greatest potential, we will be a nightmare for opposing DCs. The level of success/failure and the mood of this board is dictated solely by what we do defensively.