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Doc Qb

Fun win. Total control of game, some dominant moments, OL gets game ball. As a whole, the many ‘little’ things we’ve been doing poor this year have improved…game management, dumb penalties, TOs, mixing play calls, more D stunts/bliztes.

Only criticism I have is one TD second half…even though game was in control, thats not good enough. Not that I wanted to paste 70 on HC (well, we wouldnt really mind, right?) Coen took foot off the gas. We didnt get burned cuz Puhole looked pretty pedestrian today, but we let Gtown back into game last week not finishing.

Overall, pretty complete performance, all around, team peaking at right time, not playing young, doing well w the LB corps a wounded unit. Still some miscues, but improved. We should savor this, prep hard for trip to Hamilton…Andy always says ‘We competed…’ Well, I think players and staff have both improved and competed, picked up there game since PL play started. Proud of the last few weeks effort.