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Observations after 9 weeks (My report card):

Schollies (A) -The scholarship kids, particularly freshmen and sophs look like a great group. Very impressive.

Run Game (B+) -With Bragalone and Brisker, we may be looking at the best tandem since Rizzo/Diorio in 1970, 71. Add that sophomore and the run game looks solid. Remember, this after position was decimated by defections following 2014.

QB, offense (A)- What a “problem” to have – Two terrific, uniquely talented underclassmen going forward each with experience! A return to stretching the field with a plethora of rangy receivers. A solid run game makes it difficult for the other team to game plan.

OL (B)- Against PL at least, they appear dominant.

Kicking (B+)- Real progress and in Mish, a pleasant surprise, especially after losing the incumbent. Punter and return guys all kids.

Defense (C)- Depth needed and would love more beef up front, but my biggest thing continues to be DBs who lose the ball while attempting to cover. I doubt that it is all on the kids…I believe techniques can and must be taught!

Coaching (B-)- Andy’s done a pretty good job rebuilding his staff over the years. That said, please consider D upgrade.

Overall – This team has improved since September. I like what I see (except that Defensive backfield) but I have to give the team a solid B. The season is in their hands. If Colgate struggled to keep Laffyette off the scoreboard, I have to like our chances. Lots of pressure on that QB will do it.

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