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They hung tough. TK was a bull after halftime. I thought Cuse got a lot of easy looks on the perimeter. They didn’t knock a ton down but every time we made run, they would hit 3 and not even a hand in shooters face. KR struggled. Could not create in lane and too many turns. AP played well. KL played well for first time out. He’s very athletic and reports he wasn’t ready untrue. I like him as 3rd guard. DC gives you very little in my opinion. Not a shooter, not quick S a slasher. Very deliberate. JRG is athletic but pretty raw. He may progress. TJ wasn’t bad tonight. He tried to get into paint and was more aggressive than KR. JG very quiet, and JC played ok.

I don’t think coaches game plan for these OOC games. We had no clue vs zone in first. The action Gainst that zone is post then to baseline. You attack that zone on the baseline. Once we figured that out, we were very good. Surprisingly, Lehigh even ran a zone on a couple trips.

We main concern is we are just so thin with talent right now. Losing BA and MS is really going to hurt. We had a stretch with no TK or KR on floor and we can’t score with that setup. TK was getting pretty consistent blows but he really needs to be on the floor 33 minutes. AP and KR need to play 35 minutes.

I think KL has upside, but I don’t think DC is a starter quality PL player. TJ is a question mark. Either he or KL need to be able to knock down an open look triple. JRG is slasher more than shooter. He has good athleticism for PL.