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Doc Qb

Our goal line D is our base D, except the LBs creep between the DL, and that means #10, Harvey, at 190 lbs is in the box. Well, on goal line and on short yardage downs they ran right at him. He cant be expected to take on a tackle or guard at that size. Botts NEEDS to bring in another DL in those down and distances or on goal line. You knew they would run, get some bigger bodies in.

On a related note, when we are in zone covereage, guys dont cover, they ‘sit’ in the zone and let the receiver come to them. The db’s didnt make plays on the ball in the seconad half like they did early, and it easnt like they had speedy WRs or a big arm at QB. We should have been able to load the box, play man on those WR and force them to beat us with what wasnt their strength, going thru the air. Yet, they still beat us both ways.

Shaf made plays whether he underthrew a few or not. The receivers do wait for the ball to get to them, something they dont with Mayes. Less zip on throws. Yet, we left two TDs on the field, not scoring on second half opening drive and at the end. The final series had good play calling until last four plays. When the doubled Pelletier wide to the right, Folmar and Shaf shoulda been licking there f’n chops, that opens up other side for a combo route or slant. And its not like Sasha and Casey cant mKe big catches, they can. We gotta punch it in there and go for two…dont give them another chance on O in OT, treat the two pointer at end of regulation as one you would have to take in OT after several cycles.

We had our shots. I think the offense and offensive staff has progressed. Our D has not, need wholesale change for coaches there, and really hope some of our youth at DB reaches potential with new, better leadership. Now, time to BEAT LAFAYETTE!