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[quote=23884]Sears is very good at MM level, but couldn’t get a high-major offer. Made us look helpless. Back to the ’90s, I’m afraid. The CJ effect was fun, while it lasted.

A Columbia win would be nice, but not terribly meaningful now.
1.) Bucky
2.) BU
3.) Whoever shows up
4.) Us.


1. Fwiw, Sears did have an offer from Stanford. Possibly a few other high-level programs, but I don’t have time for research.
2. No reason to think at this point that LU is not a serious contender.
3. Boston U thus far is playing pretty well without Hankerson (injury) and Fanning (short suspension). If they get those two back, they may be the favorite since they have found a good PG, something that killed them last year.
4. I think the other team that needs to be added to your group of four is Army. They are playing well, and Kyle Wilson seems to be recovered from the shoulder injury that plagued him last year. Army has five returning senior starters from a team that the coaches/SIDs picked for 2nd last year. Wilson btw was last year’s preseason POY.
5. Columbia is basically the same as Yale, so I think a win over them would be quite meaningful.

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