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[quote=24051]Defense has solid talent. But what we were missing this year were the game changing defensive plays. Only 5 interceptions all season and 2 big fumble returns. More than 350 pass attempts this season and only 5 INT. Some of that is the the lack of pressure on the QB and this is why I also question if the 3-4 scheme is the answer.


Pressure on the QB is always the key. This was never more evident in comparing how we did against Georgetown and Holy Cross, with good pressure, and Colgate where we hardly ever blitzed and could not stop them. That was clearly a coaching decision and I don’t know why. I spoke to some of the D starters about that and they had no answer and indicated they were disappointed blitzes weren’t being called. That was a classic example of two teams that were even in talent and coaching made the difference.

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