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If this national program Julie created is so wonderful, why do you have so many problems with your football AND lacrosse players?

Man, this line of thinking makes me nuts. To answer the “why” directly:
1.) Because we’re talking about 18-22 year-old kids. Do you remember being that age? I do. And I did stupid stuff. I also disregarded advice from adults who knew better.
2.) Alcohol. I’m actually a big fan of it – but combine it with #1, and “why” is pretty obvious. And yes, I know alcohol hasn’t been formally tied to the incident. But I was that age, at Lehigh, once upon a time. And I’d bet a vital organ or two that alcohol was involved.

No specific incident can be tied back to the failure of the program. That’s awful logic, and is called “anecdotal fallacy”.
If we see a program like this doing good things for most of the kids, it’s a good thing. Do you throw out driver’s ed if a high-schooler crashes a car?