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I hadn’t realized until now that Todd’s vital organs were a form of currency, but I’d like to wager one too :-)

Here is my two cents. I don’t remember having met any of the participants in this matter but over the years I have met hundreds young men just like them at Lehigh. They typically come from very good schools and very good families. They worked very hard in both athletics and academics in order to get into Lehigh and stay there. They often volunteer much of their time. To a man, they’ve always been polite and respectful around adults. They are certainly not career criminals (your organs are safe on this one Todd). This is likely their first and possibly their only scrape. They play a sport that teaches one to settle things physically, then turn it on and off like a switch. They are not thugs but rather guys who on one night did a pretty thuggish thing.
With that being said, I’m not by any means condoning what they did, simply explaining it. There was obviously bad behavior that needs to be punished. There are very real victims that need to be compensated. Ruining the lives of those who should be very productive members of society would be counterproductive.
None of us know all the details of what happened or what preceded the action but we need to keep things in perspective when dealing with these young men. I think Chuck nailed it by using the word “disappointment” to express my reactions. The sole responsibility belongs with the players, not Lehigh, not the coaches and certainly not with a program that is designed to transition students through some turbulent years.
Merry Christmas !!