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Great work, 90

Here are some added thoughts…….

A/FGM: Long time believer in this one. It comes as no surprise that the PL scoring leaders, Army and Bucknell, have the highest ratios in this regard of .645 and .622, respectively. We trail at .585. The lowest scoring offense in the PL belongs to AU. To no one’s surprise, their A/FGM is a meager .464.

KR and FTs: Hoping he returns to form. He is putting in extra time we are told. He did, after all, once had it figured out shooting .798 from the line in his freshman year. Also, KR is a stat machine and not a 3-point shooter (.238). Only DC, of those players with meaningful minutes, has a lower 3pt. shooting percentage than KR. Hoping he sticks to what he does best – penetrate and dish.

TJ: Not expecting much from our backup PG, but 1 assist every 12 minutes? Perhaps a bit unfair, but KR registers one every 5.4 minutes.

90, may your end of game lineup be our starting lineup! KL deserves a shot at both ends.

Blocks: Here’s one from KenPom. We have a whopping 15.7% of our shots blocked! That ranks us forth up from the bottom across the nation at #348.

JG: Strapped as we are for big men (actually all men), we need Goldy to remain healthy (can’t imagine a 7 man rotation) and get inspired in this his senior year. We need his boards practically as much as we need KR’s assists.