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Well, I started this thread a couple months ago and since that original posting, lo and behold, things looked better for a while. And, in fact, the team DID improve.

But now that Christmas has passed, the new year is upon us and I’ve been reading about coaching changes, I’m revisiting my post.

Andy has been HC for 10 year now and what do we have to show for it?

A quick review:
62-41 coaching record – pretty decent, but dominated by 3 years.

2 playoff appearances – while those two were thrilling, 2 out of 10 isn’t good. In those same 10 years, Lafayette (yes LC!) has been to the playoffs twice; Colgate has been to the post-season 3 times; Fordham has been 4 times (true they had a scholly advantage, but still 4x!); HC once.

2005-2009 were mediocre years at best. Let’s not be misled by the 2009 OT victory over LC to not include it here.

2013-2015 were bad to mediocre years (has anyone seen a defense yet?)

PL-leading attendance has fallen to #2 or #3.

Regular season wins against CAA teams: 2 Villanova and UHN (going from memory here, but not recalling any others)

So what do we really have left.

I forgot that 2006 PL title, where we got smoked by LC and didn’t get to the playoffs.

Seriously, we had 2 really good years and a solid year in 2012 (so solid that the playoff committee left us at home with a 10-1 record, to put it in perspective).

IMO, AC has struggled to make the difficult QB choice. He ultimately went with Lum after it was painfully obvious that Chris was superior. (I still wonder if Cecchini forced that on Andy). I was at that first spring game with Lum and immediately called that Lum should be the starter. His elevation was a season too late. He went with Colvin instead of Bialkowski. Mayes comes in and after one quarter of adjustment plays a great 2.5 games, only to not even see the field against Colgate or LC. I suspect we’ll have to endure Nick as QB next year. Nothing against Nick, BTW, I just think his strength is as a runner.

There is a strong correlation between the 2-3 years of success and Dave Cecchini’s time as OC.

So, fellow Lehigh fans and observers, I ask once again: Is it time for Andy to go?