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I don’t like the idea of calling for someone’s head, especially a class guy like Andy. But, I do think there are some repeatable patterns that we’ve now seen that suggest we may need some refreshing. I would like nothing more than to see Andy be more successful, more consistently. Part of what I see, that I haven’t yet articulated, is that we’ve seen more amplitude in the build-success-fall off cycle, which is another way of saying we have more re-building than re-loading. I will readily acknowledge that the shift to schollies likely took Andy a year (or two) to adjust to. I don’t expect LU to be world-beaters year-in and year-out, but I do think we should be PL champs more than 2 in 10 (and by that I mean playoff auto-bids).

Doc – the O really did improve, so perhaps Folmar settled in and the team coalesced. I am however, very dismayed (excuse the unintentional pun) that we did not see Mayes after Nick came back – if nothing more than to keep the kid engaged. The D, of course, is plagued. Apparently we didn’t recruit any/enough big bodies, so we have no run stopping capability. Oddly enough, we did fine against pass-oriented teams (see HC, Penn), but got rolled by any team with a decent RB. My crystal ball says we’re going to have a porous defense again in ’16, but possibly a little improved.