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AWP ran us out of the gym in the first 20 minutes. Plain and simple. As advertised, they played up-tempo and hit threes (7 of them….can hardly remember the 3 them missed). All in the first half. We looked surprised and shouldn’t have been. Disappointed in prep.

Another worry – if we don’t have enough – we had 8 points off the bench. Our top 5 won’t be able to do it alone. The season is too long and there’s always the threat of more injuries.

Except for one memorable rebound (he actually had two), JG was MIA. Minutes were rightfully withheld, if you ask me.

I’m thinking “O” won’t be our problem this year. Scoring 48 in the second half was impressive. Probably tops in opening night action around the PL. What must be address is the “D” and that sense of urgency everyone talks about. Reed & Company (and I include our team captains), it’s up to you. We’ll see if the message is received when an 0-1 BU comes to Stabler on Saturday.

KenPom vs. Actual

Bucky by 3….Bucky by 30
AWP by 2….AWP by 6
BU by 1……HC by 16
CU by 5…..CU by 7
LOY by 7….Loy by 8