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[quote=24595] Was curious why we don’t have say a few more kids on roster for depth. Army may be bad exAmple but they had like 16 kids or more. A few other teams that came to stabler so far to. Can anyone on campus try out. If so. Surprised we don’t have an extra body or two.


Army and Navy are definitely bad examples since they generally have spots for 8+ recruits a year, i.e. 32+ over four years, as opposed to the 13 allowed for the other schools. Of course some transfer and some quit the team if they see that it is unlikely they will see much playing time – but it gives Army and Navy a much bigger pool of players. Army currently rosters 25, but they had six sophs/juniors leave the team who were rostered last year.

According to Verbal Commits, Navy has had 25 commits over the past three years – many of whom initially went to NAPS. Army actually had 28 over a three-year period.

Two other things that are different: (1) Having MAPS/NAPS to give most recruits a “redshirt” year; and (2) having a JV team to give playing time to those who won’t get it with the varsity.