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+1 ’90. Agree with just about everything you said above.

Reed is what he is, which certainly contains some shortcomings. I think he sees himself as a free-flowing offensively oriented coach. But as I’ve brought up repeatedly, I think the lack of physical and mental toughness has been a real problem for his teams. Lehigh has at least 3 above average PL starters in Kempton, Price, and Ross – and maybe more, so this team should not be struggling the way it is even with the health issues that are not Reed’s fault.

I would not lose any sleep if he were to leave Lehigh. I think the Mentesana years are far enough away that we are not in danger of going back there. There are a bunch of solid young coaches out there with strong Lehigh connections (Logie, Gilfillan, Neptune, Krueger) plus candidates like Carmody at
HC that are drawn to the league.

However, with the right staff and continued recruiting success, I think there are more PL championships in his future if he stays at Lehigh.