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I agree with several of the comments made here regarding Goodman and the gameday upgrades needed. Let me add my 2 cents.

Video board (or 3 boards if you will) across the top of the locker room is a long-overdue addition. Please, please don’t downsize it and stick in in the corner. For engineer, or those who would miss the view: You can’t gaze in between the stand and the lock-room; I’m not sure you’re missing that much anyway. For all of the great things about Goodman, it suffers from being a little too “wide open”. Because there is the grass hill and so much room to mill around, it dilutes the fan concentration in the stands. I think a larger video board would help pen the place in and start to give it a more intimate feel. I’d actually prefer the video board go above the grass hill to assist with this, although I admit enjoying walking in to that expansive view of the field. For as much as some like the grass hill, I think putting student seating there in the grass bowl would be a good addition as it gives the students a truly reserved section, where they could be rowdy. I’d also get rid of the chain-link fence and introduce a more substantial fence around the whole place that isn’t see through, so it creates a more closed venue. There are more creative ideas to be had, but these are my wish list ones.